Andrew Bird – My Finest Work Yet

Released: March 22, 2019 It’s hard to believe that Andrew Bird has been making records for over twenty years. Only yesterday, it seemed the violin-wielding songsmith was destined to be the ‘next big thing.’ While he saw measured success with releases like 2009’s Noble Beast and 2012’s Break It Yourself, Bird never quite reaped the benefits of the post-Millenium indie-folk … More Andrew Bird – My Finest Work Yet

Run the Voodoo Down: Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

Released: March 30, 1970 Miles Davis famously said, “do not fear mistakes—there are none.” He’s also the man who reinvented jazz “four or five times.” He played his trumpet for decades, weathering one cultural revolution after another. He was an innovator, originator, and visionary. His audience spans a handful of generations at this point, and … More Run the Voodoo Down: Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

Failure: Wild Type Droid

Released: December 3, 2021 Wild Type Droid, Failure’s sixth overall full-length, just might be the band’s most focused, artistically-potent release to date. Hot take? Maybe, but trust me, I took notes, and I’m more than happy to show my work. First, some context: there was a period following their late-’90s hiatus where ‘Failure’ seemed destined … More Failure: Wild Type Droid