It’s a Long Way to the Top—A Road-Warrior’s Guide to Rock ‘N Roll

Joel Miller’s ‘Memoir of a Roadie: Axl said I made a great cup of tea…’ offers readers a no-holds-barred, ‘behind the scenes’ look at life on the road with some of the biggest rock acts of all time.

Leaning heavily on his ‘fly on the wall’ experience as a roadie for some of the ‘80s and ‘90s biggest acts (from G&R and STP to Poison and The Cranberries), Miller recounts one classic tale after another. And while fans of those acts will undoubtedly enjoy a bevy of never-before-heard tales of decibels and debauchery, this is so much more than your run-of-the-mill ‘chicks, guitars, and fast-cars’ bio.

Beginning in his early twenties, Miller’s narrative from humble beginnings to working some of the world’s biggest ‘stages’ is both highly entertaining and surprisingly reflective. Not only do we learn the priceless ‘rock star’ secrets—yes, he really did make AXL a cup of tea—Miller also offers readers a vicarious glimpse into the frenetic life of a rock band on the road.

While technically a memoir, Miller’s conversational tone and unflinching honesty makes for an incredibly captivating read from start to finish. Loaded with never-before-seen pictures and chock full of hilarious observations and fascinating anecdotes, Joel Miller’s ‘Memoir of a Roadie’ is one of the best ‘rock’ books on the proverbial shelves by someone you’ve probably never heard of—a ‘must-read’ for rock fans everywhere.

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